Men, Women, and Children

Study to show thyself approved unto God.
2 Timothy 2:15

Men’s Ministry

Men’s Prayer Breakfasts

Our men get together occasionally and cook breakfast. It is a time to offer united prayer as well as a time to laugh and enjoy fellowship with joint heirs of the Kingdom.

Usher Ministry

Several of our men serve as ushers during service times to greet folks as they come in, maintain order, count attendance in service and classes, help people who need it to find seats, answer the phone, help count money, and the list goes on.

Worship Service Participation

Dave Butterfield works with scheduling our willing men to take part in the various functions of our services. Our men serve their fellow saints in the manner of offering prayers, reading Scriptures, leading songs, assisting in the Lord’s Supper, managing the P. A. system, and by making important announcements to the congregation.

Young Lads Card Pick Up

Services of our “men” do not include only those of height. Our young fellows take turns serving in picking up visitor and member cards each Sunday and Wednesday evening.


Along with other area congregations, our men participate in various sports leagues like basketball and golf to encourage physical stewardship of their bodies as well as wholesome recreation with other men of the Lord’s church.

Quarterly Singing Focus

Every quarter, various men will join together to lead songs and provide a Sunday night singing focus for our congregation. These gentleman range from ages 10 to 80 and are always demonstrating to the rest of us that you are never too young or too old to glorify the Father and to serve the body of Christ.

Fifth Sunday Night Teen Male Services

What a joy for the congregation to see tomorrow’s leadership beginning to serve today! Our young teen boys join forces to lead the devotions, the singing, and the Scriptural readings every fifth Sunday evening. This not only provides them practice in various ministries, but it also provides the congregation a refreshing look at God from the eyes of our youth.

Buildings and Grounds

Thanks to the men of our congregation, needed maintenance and yard work of our building and grounds are always taken care of.

Women’s Ministry

Women’s Bible Classes

Every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening, our ladies have a Bible Class at the building where they enjoy encouraging each other, praying for one another, and searching the treasures of God’s Word together.

Care Bears

The Care Bears Ministry provides smiles and comfort to young children undergoing emergency treatment or surgery at the local hospitals. The ladies meet once a month to stuff bears that have been cut out and sewed up before the meeting.

Patches of Love

Within our group of ladies are some talented stitchers who use their skills to make quilts for our newly married and our babies in the congregation. They act as warm hugs from our ladies’ hands for those starting out new in life. Blanche King and Katie Morlan co-ordinate this service.

Showers of Blessings

What wonderful times are had in giving showers to expecting mothers and soon-to-be-marrieds. In this manner the ladies share their joy and help to make this exciting time a little more blessed.

Funeral Ladies

What a sadness to the congregation when we lose one of our beloved members, and yet with joy we send them home to our Father. During these times of tears, our ladies work together to provide a wonderful dinner for those of the family of our departed members on the day of the funerals.

Baptismal Garment Care

Various ladies from our congregation participate in cleaning the baptismal garments after a baptism.

Cookie Creations

Our ladies provide many wonderful, homemade cookies for our VBS.

Our Ladies’ Retreat

What a wonderful group of talented ladies we have! Our ladies’ retreat was a great success!


But Jesus said, “Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matt 19:14 (NASB)

Monthly Devotions

Each month, our youth gets together for a monthly devotional and a chance to encourage one another.

Widows and Widowers

Our youth takes a strong interest in our widows and widowers and have seasonal dinners for them and occasional gifts of encouragement.

Mid-Ohio Valley Christian Youth Camp

Our members are fortunate to also have another camp available to them fairly close at hand in Waterford, Ohio. Many of our young people choose this camp for young Christian fellowship. Our members have taken active parts in serving as leaders, counselors, teachers, cooks, and nurses.

For more information on youth activities, see the Youth Ministry page.