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Finding Time for the Bible

May 28, 2010admin Comments Off

~ Put a Bible under your pillow to read each night before you go to sleep.
~ Wake up ten minutes earlier each morning.
~ Turn off the TV at 8:00 pm each evening and read to your children.
~ Read a few verses at mealtime when the family is together.
~ Talk less to have a few more [...]

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Ten Steps Everyone Can Do To Reach Lost Friends

May 14, 2010admin Comments Off

By Phil Sanders
1. Prayerfully identify one to three people you know who are not Christians.
2. Pray for their salvation every day.
3. Be a blessing to your friends.
4. Invite each to a meal (no agenda), just to get better acquainted.
5. At an opportune time, ask each one for prayer requests. Check back.
6. Invite each one to [...]

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Mothers of the Bible

May 8, 2010admin Comments Off

In the book All the Women of the Bible we find this quote on page 338. “A mother is the Bible’s most honored woman, and great stress is laid upon the influence of mothers. The most significant phrase using the word “mother” is “and his mother was…” It appears twenty times in 2 Kings and [...]

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