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Your Child Deserves

January 29, 2010admin Comments Off

…to hear you pray earnestly and often.
…to go to worship and Bible classes with you faithfully.
…to see you sacrifice for the Lord.
…to go with you when you talk to others about becoming a Christian.
…to go with you to visit the sick and bereaved.
…to hear you praise the church and her leaders.
…to be encouraged by you [...]

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How Difficult Is It To Be A Faithful Christian When…

January 25, 2010admin Comments Off

There is no love in one’s heart
One is always thinking of worldly things.
One never depends on God for help.
One never, or hardly ever prays.
One never studies the Bible.
One is selfish-never thinks of others.
One never forgives.
One never gives of his means — never returns to God what He has let him use.
One is always discouraged.
One never [...]

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Rules for Happy Living

January 9, 2010admin Comments Off

Do you desire a “Happy Life”? Follow these rules and you will enjoy happiness that cannot be found in “things” of this world.
1. Count your blessings, not your troubles. Though we have many problems in life, we are still richly blessed. The plaque on the wall stated, “I grumbled and complained because I had no [...]

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Ten Basic Principles That Create Trust

January 1, 2010admin Comments Off

1. That what one teaches matches what one does (James 1:22-24).
2. That the truth is bought and never sold (Proverbs 23:23; John 8:32).
3. That one’s word is kept regardless of consequences or circumstances (Acts 5:28,29).
4. That equal treatment and acceptance is extended to all (Romans 12:9-21).
5. That faithfulness is demonstrated in all things (Hebrews 11:6).
6. [...]

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